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monikagasior's Journal

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  • mmmonmonnn
i am a common girl living in a common world. I don't know what I'm doing, what I'm saying, or what I'm thinking half the time but I know one thing; and that's the love God has for me. And that is one thing I wouldn't trade in for the world. Contrary to popular belief, us, 'christians' do have fun. We do not sit in the chapel all day reading our bible. Feel free to contradict me on anything I do or say, I'm only human. As for me, I like to be inspired, intrigued, and indulged. I'm the type of person who will spend hours conversing with you on such an insignificant subject, it's unbelievable. However, I love deep discussions even if it is of poor significance. I like first impressions and awkward silences. I like my swedish fish, thank you very much. Something you probably won't understand unless your mind works like mine, which is highly unlikely. I have this weird obsession with my birthday, and I start the countdown months prior. I don't care how many games the red sox have won or lost, they are still my homie g's. I am determined to attend Florida State for law in the fall of 2008. I like Shakespeare and I love to act. I've given up a lot of things to be where I am, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I like being ignorant, and talking to people smarter than myself. It may frustrate me, you know the fact that I look completely idiotic, but I idolize them. Even if it is my little sister. I like listening to music, you've probably never heard of in your dreams. I like friends. I like pink, a lot. So, hit me with your best shot. peaceout girlscout